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Dappr Aviation and Me

Dappr Aviation is a small family run company that designs and builds bespoke handmade furniture.

We create pieces for sale and also commissions for industry and the general public.

Our creativity combined with our love of aviation and recycling has made this company something very special and individual.

I thought it would be nice for you to get to know our staff a little bit, starting with myself.

This is me, the one in the hat to the right of the picture, not the baby!

My name is Emily and I am the design director at Dappr.

A little about my self; I am a mum of 1, almost 2, give or take a few months. We live in a pretty market town in the heart of Suffolk. I am a bit of a furniture nerd and am starting to become an aviation nerd too.

How it all began: I was at Bucks New University studying 'Furniture Design and Make' when my dad, David (Dappr's managing director), called me and asked "What can you make from an Airbus A320?" that's when it all started for me. A few months later I graduated with a First and came home to start designing and creating furniture and art.

Where we are now: 7 years later and I think we have an individual style and process that does not only bring people amazing furniture but it saves beautiful pieces of aviation engineering.

Our combination of aviation, hard wood and resin sets us apart from other bespoke furniture makers. Our locally sourced hard woods are each picked for their individuality and beauty, not one piece is like another and adding colourful resins emphasises this even more.

Our use of resin has opened up our commission projects to a larger range of options. Now you can pick your piece of aviation, your piece of wood and your colour or colours of resin. We have had customers come into the workshop to pour their own resin topped tables, picking their colours, shimmers and materials to have a truly one of a kind custom piece of furniture.

Favorite part of the job: I love letting my creativity go wild. We go shopping for parts and I can just see what these pieces will become; a table, bar or mirror. Each part with its own history of what it was and which aircraft it was flown in, soon to become a part of someones living room or office, used daily in a completely different way. It sounds silly, but I do like knowing that our furniture is going to a good home.

Thanks for reading - Emily Palmer Design Director @ Dappr Aviation

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